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Your time is precious. We build software that can make your tasks effortless.

Bristol, UK


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20% of the working day is lost to looking for information. Let us help you get that time back.


We combine employees’ expert knowledge with machine learning to get people to what they need, when they need it.

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About us

We are a Bristol-based company building software that works with you, and not against you.

In our previous jobs the software we had to use slowed us down; and all people did was just moan about it at the coffee point. We listened and decided to do something about it.

Our products meet the challenges faced by people at work. Our clients range from large Enterprises all the way down to start-ups.

We are pioneering. We are curious. We are colourful.

We are Gradient.

Our Team

  • Simon McClive
    Simon McClive Co-Founder
  • Rory Macduff-Duncan
    Rory Macduff-Duncan Co-Founder
  • Anna Sibley
    Anna Sibley Marketing
  • You?

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